import AgentSet from './AgentSet.js'

// Links are a collection of all the Link objects between turtles.
 * Links are a collection of all the {@link Link} objects between turtles.
class Links extends AgentSet {
    // Use AgentSeet ctor: constructor (model, AgentClass, name)

    // Factories:
    // Add 1 or more links from the from turtle to the to turtle(s) which
    // can be a single turtle or an array of turtles. The optional init
    // proc is called on the new link after inserting in the agentSet.

    // Return a single link
    createOne(from, to, initFcn = link => {}) {
        const link = this.addAgent()
        link.init(from, to)
        return link

    // Return an array of links.
    // To can be an array or a single turtle (returning an array of 1 link)
    create(from, to, initFcn = link => {}) {
        // if (!Array.isArray(to)) return this.createOne(from, to, initFcn)
        if (!Array.isArray(to)) to = [to]
        // Return array of new links. REMIND: should be agentarray?
        return => {
            // REMIND: skip dups
            // const link = this.addAgent()
            // link.init(from, t)
            // initFcn(link)
            // return link
            return this.createOne(from, t, initFcn)
        }) // REMIND: return single link if to not an array?

export default Links